LED Advertising Signs


Outdoor LED advertising signs give businesses the ability to catch customers’ eyes in exciting ways. Through the unique combination of light, color and animation, LED signs can announce special events, give passers-by valuable information and draw attention to a business. Custom LED signs can be a powerful tool to promote any type of business, but only when they are designed, manufactured and installed by a company with the expertise and experience to maximize the potential of LED advertising. At Graphic House, Inc., our in-house know-how and comprehensive services make us the premier LED sign company in the area, and we can leverage those advantages to help your business.

Whether your ideal custom LED advertising sign is on a signpost or on the side of your building, the advantages of bright, colorful advertising with LED signs cannot be ignored. LED signs can boost your business’s visibility through their easy-to-see, vibrant colors. Their versatility also means you can use them to deliver any kind of message you want your customers to see. If you want to announce an upcoming sale, showcase a particular product or simply wish everyone a happy holiday, LED business signs let you deliver the message any way you want.

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High-Quality, Customized LED Signage

Graphic House, Inc. has been recognized as the leader for custom business signage of any kind, and we can leverage that experience to deliver LED advertising signs that are sure to make your business stand apart from the competition. No matter what type of LED sign works best for your business, Graphic House, Inc. can help you realize your vision.

Our extensive design and manufacturing capabilities mean we can do everything in-house for you. Here’s how our process typically works:

  • You request a sign. Call us at 715-842-0402 or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll get the process started right away.
  • We create a design for your approval. Our in-house design team will create the LED sign that’s right for you. We won’t do anything else until you’re completely satisfied with it.
  • We manufacture the new signage. We are a full-service manufacturer, which means we have total control over the quality of your project from start to finish.
  • We install it at your site. Our fully licensed, certified and insured team of experts will provide professional installation services, including site surveys and safety inspections.

Why Graphic House, Inc.?

When you choose Graphic House, Inc. for your customized LED signage, you’ll work with the best in the business. We’re always forming strong relationships with customers locally, regionally and nationally, so contact us today and find out how we can utilize our outstanding expertise for your business.