Exterior Signage

Exterior Signage

Graphic House, Inc. has a solid reputation and history of designing, manufacturing and installing custom signs throughout the Midwest and the U.S. We can accommodate any size project, from simple exterior building signs to a complex marquee, and even entire campus signage projects. Our in-house design team brings our clients’ vision for their business to life. Our facility delivers the highest-quality products built by industry-certified professionals.

We offer a variety of custom outdoor commercial signs — including building, monument and wayfinding signs — to meet your unique needs and your company’s vision. Our wide range of production and design capabilities means that we can build you the signage that helps you communicate your message while building your brand — no matter what size, shape, colors, lighting and other details you want.

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Types of Custom Exterior Signs We Create

When it comes to outdoor signs, Graphic House, Inc. truly does it all. From simple wall-mounted signs to projected awnings, our custom outdoor signs give you everything you need to get your messages front and center where visitors can see them. To give you some examples of the personalized outdoor signs we make, here are a few types that our team can design, build and install:

  • Simple outdoor business signs mounted on a wall
  • Wayfinding signs that help get people to their destinations
  • Architectural elements designed as signage
  • Awnings that project from or are supported by the exterior building wall
  • Signs that project from the building façade or pole
  • Lit-letter signs that accommodate a light source (typically LED)
  • Freestanding monument signs on a base or mounted on the ground
  • Freestanding pylon signs mounted atop a visible support structure
  • … and more!

Whether you’re talking about signs of lit letters or freestanding pylon signs, the outdoor signs we create at Graphic House, Inc. feature a level of quality you can count on, whatever your specific application. That’s because we build all our signs to be durable, made to last for years to come.

Our Design Process

What’s so great about choosing Graphic House, Inc. is that we’re more than a sign maker; we’re also an in-house designer, committed to giving you just the right sign for your needs. Bring us your concept, and our talented experts will work hard to create an ideal solution.

Here's how the process works:

  • You request a sign. Contact us anytime to talk about exterior business signs. We’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your design.
  • We design your project. After taking time to understand your goals, aesthetic, etc., we’ll create a design specific to you.
  • We show it to you and get your approval. We bring this design to you to approve, so we can be sure that you’re getting exactly what you want.
  • We manufacture the sign. Once we’ve got the go-ahead from you, we create your sign using state-of-the-art technology, and both automatic and manual manufacturing systems.
  • We install it for you. When your project is complete, we come to your site and professionally install your new sign.

From the moment you contact us at Graphic House, Inc., we’re on your side, working to exceed your expectations with an ideal custom design. Plus, because we handle everything from design to installation, we make it easy to get your job done.

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