Custom Business Signs

Business Signs

Your company’s business sign is generally the first impression you give to potential customers. A sign is an extension of your customer service capabilities. The way your business building signs look and the information they provide can be the reason a customer finds and selects your company. Yet finding just the right sign can seem like a challenging task.

This is where custom business signs designed by a professional business sign maker come into the picture. Check out how the signage industry leaders at Graphic House, Inc. can benefit your business with high-quality signs at a competitive value.

Designing Your Business Signs

The most obvious answer is your company name and logo. These are your calling cards for your business’s brand. From there, the capabilities of corporate signage are wide open. Creating a sign to represent your business should portray your company and your brand in the best possible way. There are a number of factors that a professional business sign company will take into account when considering the design, placement, and build of your signage.

Suggestions we offer for clients considering signage options include:

  • Business hours signs featuring your hours of operation
  • LED signage highlighting current sales and discounts
  • Descriptive phrase showcasing your services
  • Important information for customers, such as date your business was established or specific location if within a building or complex
  • Seasonal signage to reflect special events or occasions in the community, e.g., Christmas or summer tourism
  • Wayfinding directional signs to help customers find their way to your business’s door
  • Exhibit and trade show signs to set up at your business’s booth for optimal branding potential
  • Architectural elements including awnings and freestanding pylon signs to match the feel and design of your building or complex

In order to feature any or all of these details in business signage, there is only one solution — custom signs for businesses.

Custom Business Signs

Here at Graphic House, Inc., we are a leader in custom business signs in the Midwest. We begin by meeting with your leadership and/or marketing teams to discuss your ultimate goals with signage. From there, we can offer you a variety of business signs — including wayfinding signs, trade show signs, business storefront signs, and outdoor media signage. Whether you are interested in neon-lighted business signs or LED advertising signs, we have the experience and tools to make this type of custom-made business signs happen.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Signs for Businesses

In general, businesses require indoor and outdoor business sign solutions. After all, you need to communicate your brand and important information while outside and inside your facility.

Types of signs we recommend for indoor use for a business include:

  • 3D door placards
  • ADA / Braille signs
  • Branding vinyl for windows
  • Lit and non-lit office signs

As for your outdoor business sign needs, we can help you in a variety of ways including:

  • Pylon signs
  • Neon signs
  • Monument signs
  • Channel lettering
  • Lighted business signs

Graphic House, Inc. does it all. Reach out to our custom business sign designers today to schedule a consultation for your indoor and outdoor metal business signs.

Meet Your Business Sign Maker

Graphic House, Inc. offers custom design, in-house fabrication, and full-service installation. We provide professional sign creation for small and large businesses throughout the U.S. Whether it is a local business or a nationwide chain, Graphic House, Inc. is ready to provide premium indoor and outdoor signage to fit the business’s needs.

Contact Graphic House, Inc. today for more information about getting business signage for your location.