Custom Signage Solutions

Graphic House, Inc. can meet all your signage needs — from a simple, single sign to the most complex electronic messaging center to signage for dozens of franchises or an entire campus.

We custom design, fabricate and install virtually any type of sign, including:

Business Signs

Your company’s business sign is generally the first impression you give to potential customers. A sign is an extension of your customer service capabilities. The way your business building signs look and the information they provide can be the rea...

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A backlit sign can make your business really stand out, and Graphic House, Inc. has the ability to deliver custom backlit signs for businesses that grab people’s attention. Illuminated from the inside, outdoor backlit signs are a modern and classy...

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Interior Signage

Located inside a building, interior signs come in many types and serve numerous purposes. Interior signage reinforces branding, complements the building’s architecture and style, directs customers and clients to destinations within the building, a...

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Exterior Signage

Graphic House, Inc. has a solid reputation and history of designing, manufacturing and installing custom signs throughout the Midwest and the U.S. We can accommodate any size project, from simple exterior building signs to a complex marquee, and e...

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Outdoor Media

As an outdoor media company, Graphic House, Inc. has the flexibility to enhance your marketing and business branding efforts through multiple means. Whether you want to draw eyes to your location or communicate important information to your custom...

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Wayfinding Signs

To put it simply, wayfinding signs are directional signs, i.e., they are created to provide logical, easy-to-follow directions to a specific destination. Wayfinding signage is more information-driven than other types of signage. Wayfinding signs ...

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Graphic House Highlights

  • With turnkey operation and OEM services, we maintain complete control over our quality manufacturing process.
  • We boast ADA and other code-related wall sign production capability.
  • A five-year warranty comes with every custom sign that includes LED or HID lighting.
  • Our firm is a member of NAM (National Association of Manufacturers), ISA (International Sign Association), and Chamber of Commerce for the city of Wausau, Merrill and Three Lakes, Wisconsin.
  • We are staffed with UL and Matthews Paint certified employees, as well as certified welders.
  • Our in-house designers and project managers work directly with you from the start through completion of your signage project.