Custom Signs For Religious Organizations

Religious Organizations

Many people turn to religion to provide some direction to their lives, and that’s why signage is more important for religious organizations than you may think. While helping people grapple with the answers to life’s biggest questions, churches and religious organizations don’t want them to get lost finding their way around the building or — worse — never find the building at all. Church signage and other types of custom signs for religious organizations can provide crucial guidance to help these organizations fulfill their missions — giving attendees the direction they need.

Graphic House, Inc. has extensive in-house expertise when it comes to creating custom signs for houses of worship and other types of religious buildings. Our signage can help create a sense of community within a church facility and make it easier for church members and staff to find what they need. Whether your religious organization needs wayfinding signage for your campus or monument signage outside to direct people to you, Graphic House, Inc. can provide it all.

From roadside chapels to mega-church campuses, we offer custom religious signage to serve your community, including:

  • Exterior wayfinding signs: Help your church members find the offices and services they need with signage directing them to the appropriate buildings on your campus.
  • Exterior building signs: If your organization has multiple buildings, exterior signage can help show your community members the way.
  • Window vinyl signs: Help identify individual offices within your church building with window signs that make everything clear to visitors.
  • Outdoor electronic signs: Get your church’s message out to the community — invite everyone to worship with outdoor LED signage that can promote upcoming events or give the community other useful information.
  • Indoor wall signs: Nothing helps build a sense of community within a church like indoor signage bearing the name and logo of your church or organization.
  • Interior wayfinding signs: Parishioners and visitors will be able to find their way around your church or other facilities easily with interior wayfinding signage. These signs are ADA-compliant with current standards and feature Braille for the vision-impaired.

Browse our portfolio to get an even better idea of the signage we can create for your house of worship.

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Religious organizations exist to answer the big questions for their members, which means you don’t want them to struggle with the little questions. Custom signage from Graphic House, Inc. can make wayfinding easier for churches. Take a look at what we can do and talk to our in-house experts to get a quote today.