Healthcare Signs


The healthcare industry is becoming more like the retail sector — today’s patients have more choices than ever before, and they tend to “shop around.” Each clinic, medical center and hospital is competing with similar facilities to attract more “business.” One way to gain an advantage is through marketing. Your goal is to strengthen your brand, and that’s where Graphic House, Inc. comes in.

Our team helps your patients and their families feel more welcome and comfortable. From unique identification signage in a single building to a comprehensive wayfinding system that helps visitors navigate a large medical campus, we do it all. And we make sure that all signs meet the standards of the healthcare industry - our signs are ADA compliant and have antimicrobial coatings as appropriate.

Our expertise with all types of signage means Graphic House, Inc. can deliver a comprehensive healthcare and hospital signage solution for healthcare facilities of all sizes. From large community hospitals to small family practices, Graphic House, Inc. can create the custom healthcare signs to meet all needs, including:

  • Exterior wayfinding signs: Help patients find their way around a hospital campus easily with signage at the entrance of the property.
  • Exterior building signs: For hospital campuses with multiple buildings, exterior hospital signs can help patients find the services they need.
  • Window vinyl signs: Medical offices with multiple doctor’s offices can benefit from window signs that let patients know where they can find their doctors.
  • Outdoor electronic signs: Healthcare providers can use outdoor LED signage to announce upcoming events or pass otherwise-useful information to their patients and the community.
  • Indoor wall signs: A hospital or healthcare provider can help promote its brand with an interior wall sign of its name or logo.
  • Interior wayfinding signs: Helping patients and hospital staff navigate hospital buildings is easier with interior wayfinding signage that directs people to specific departments and offices. These signs feature Braille for the vision-impaired to meet current ADA standards.
Graphic House, Inc. has the signage solutions to help healthcare facilities and providers large and small better serve their patients. If you’re looking for healthcare signage that can help your patients find the care they need, take a look at how Graphic House, Inc. can leverage our in-house design and fabrication abilities to meet your requirements. Then, get in touch with us for a quote.