Custom Government Signs


Government agencies and municipalities offer many services to the public. At times, though, it can be confusing for citizens to locate the services they need inside of government buildings. That’s why a high-quality government sign can be an important component of a government’s mission for its constituents. With proper signage as a critical element of a government marketing plan, the public will have a better idea of what type of services they receive from their local governments and where they can find them.

Over the years, Graphic House, Inc. has designed, fabricated and installed attractive, modern signs for several municipalities and government agencies. Our signs help governments and business parks strengthen their image while communicating important information to the public. We build and install wayfinding signs that help drivers and pedestrians find their destination; monument signs that clearly indicate the entrance to a business park or village; lit and non-lit building signs that help people find a particular venue; pylons that attract attention and make a positive impression; and any other type of signage you may need.

Government Signage Options

We can help local or state agencies with any type of signage they require. From interior to exterior signage, Graphic House, Inc. has the in-house expertise necessary to deliver virtually any type of government signage, including:

  • Exterior wayfinding signs: Help citizens find their way around a government campus for signage at the entrance to the property.
  • Exterior building signs: Exterior signage lets constituents know which government offices are in which buildings.
  • Window vinyl signs: Buildings housing multiple government services can benefit from window signage that lets the public know where they can find certain services.
  • Outdoor electronic signs: Governments can use outdoor LED EMC signage to make announcements and disseminate important information to citizens.
  • Indoor wall signs: Governments can use indoor wall signage to identify specific buildings or commemorate important historical events.

After helping you determine the right signage solution for your specific requirements, Graphic House, Inc. creates the high-quality, beautifully designed signs that project exactly the image you want to convey to the world. All signs are ADA-compliant, made from the best materials, and designed and installed by experienced sign professionals.

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Graphic House, Inc. has all of the capabilities and experience needed to deliver government signage that will meet any agency’s needs. Contact Graphic House, Inc. today and learn how we can use our in-house capabilities to fulfill your needs. We’ll be happy to discuss your project with you and provide you with a quote.