Educational Institution Signage


Schools want to promote an image of community, safety and comfort, and their signs should reflect those ideals while communicating a unique identity. Whether your school needs a few interior signs or a comprehensive system, Graphic House has the experience and knowledge to supply exactly what you want.

Our signage solutions for colleges and universities range from exterior signs that reflect your brand identity to wayfinding signs that help students and their families navigate the campus. Elementary, junior high and high schools may opt for electronic message centers that let the entire community as well as the school family know what’s happening on an ongoing basis.

Regardless of the type of sign you choose, you can trust Graphic House to provide a solution that communicates not only your messages, but also your image and culture. Graphic House, Inc.’s experience with all types of signage makes us the best choice for creating a comprehensive educational signage package for schools at every level, from elementary schools to universities, colleges and other learning institutions. Graphic House, Inc. has the in-house capabilities to design, fabricate and install virtually any type of signage an educational institution needs, such as:

  • Exterior wayfinding signs: Colleges with large campuses can help students and visitors determine where they need to go and how to get there with signage in strategic locations.
  • Exterior building signs: Help identify individual buildings or entrances with exterior signage that lets visitors and students know exactly where they are.
  • Window vinyl signs: Elementary schools, or university departments with multiple offices, can use window signs to identify where specific services are located.
  • Outdoor electronic signs: LED electronic signs for schools can be useful for making announcements, promoting upcoming events or simply building school spirit.
  • Indoor wall signs: Schools can help establish and enhance their identities with indoor walls signs bearing their names, logos or mascots.
  • Interior wayfinding signs: Interior wayfinding signage can help students and visitors find their way to specific classrooms or departments. These signs feature Braille printing for the vision-impaired to meet current ADA standards.

Educational institutions at every level need signage to help students and visitors find their way around, and Graphic House, Inc. has the capabilities to deliver the best possible interior and exterior signage to live up to that mission. We can leverage our extensive in-house capabilities to create practically any type of school sign an institution may need. When you choose to work with Graphic House, Inc., you’ll receive the best possible service and the finest results. If you’re in the need for comprehensive signage solutions for your educational building, take a look at our portfolio and then reach out to us to find out how we can use our capabilities to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today to get a quote.