With more than four decades of experience, Graphic House appreciates the unique signage needs of diverse industries. We understand what many companies are looking for in their signage solutions, and we have the knowledge, creativity and expertise to help our clients bring their visions to life.

Whether they need wayfinding, interior, exterior or electronic signs, we help clients in the following industries meet their signage needs:


The healthcare industry is becoming more like the retail sector — today’s patients have more choices than ever before, and they tend to “shop around.” Each clinic, medical center and hospital is competing with similar facilities to attract more “b...

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Financial Institutions

Today, banks and other financial service institutions face more competition than ever before, making investments in marketing and branding vital. A good impression can go a long way toward attracting and retaining customers — and part of that over...

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Even though we have mobile apps to direct us where to go, retailers still need on-premise signage to let customers know where they are at. Signage is a way that communicates to customers. Having a custom sign can create a certain mood to spur cus...

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Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Privately owned, retail chains or franchise, grocery stores and supermarkets play a role in providing food and other daily necessities to the community. These businesses have a set of branding guidelines and their objectives is to instill their br...

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Schools want to promote an image of community, safety and comfort, and their signs should reflect those ideals while communicating a unique identity. Whether your school needs a few interior signs or a comprehensive system, Graphic House has the e...

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Government agencies and municipalities offer many services to the public. At times, though, it can be confusing for citizens to locate the services they need inside of government buildings. That’s why a high-quality government sign can be an impor...

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Branding their company name and offerings using a cohesive system of signage can help insurance companies attract and retain clients. Good signage causes your agency to look professional and successful, improving your image and making people want ...

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Religious Organizations

Religious organizations are dependent on great signage that the community sees and establishes an association with that organization. Almost all church signs are custom signs and they are captured by the eyes of visitors, members of the congregati...

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