Why You Should Have Illuminated Signage

Why You Should Have Illuminated Signage

Vibrant colors, attractive images and legible typefaces are all essential elements of an effective sign. Yet there’s another element that your business should consider to make your signage even more effective — illumination. With illumination working for you, your signage stands an even better chance of grabbing customers’ attention than it would without it. Illuminated signage — whether it’s a static backlit sign or a dynamic animated LED sign — can be well worth the investment for your business because of the numerous advantages it has over signage that isn’t illuminated.

If you’re thinking about adding any form of illuminated signage to your business but aren’t sure it’s worth it, take a moment to consider these points:

It Gets You Noticed

The most obvious advantage illuminated signage has over non-illuminated signage is that it’s visible at night and in low-light conditions. An effective sign works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, cutting through visual clutter and drawing customers’ eyes to it. Our eyes are naturally attracted to bright, contrasting elements in the landscape, and a good business sign should achieve that.

Living the Nightlife

Another obvious benefit of having illuminated signage is that it helps people find your business at night. Making sure your signage is illuminated ensures that no matter how much light surrounds your business, people always will be able to see where you are.

Shedding More Light

Another advantage illuminated signage has over non-illuminated signage is that it can serve as another light source for your business. A properly illuminated sign can help brighten the facade of your building and make your property safer for customers at night. Inside your building, illuminated signage can serve as a functional accent light to supplement your building’s existing lighting scheme. A well-lit business appears more appealing and welcoming to customers, and illuminated signage can contribute to that in a big way.

Shine the Light on Your Business With Help From Graphic House, Inc.

Naturally, illuminated signage costs more than non-illuminated signage. However, don’t let the price tag dissuade you from adding illuminated signage to your business. Lighting your signage — whether you choose a backlit sign for the front of your building or an LED board to add to your monument sign — can have a powerful impact on your customers and provide your business with a number of benefits that make it worth the effort. Graphic House, Inc. has more than enough experience with illuminated signage to help your business. Take a look at what we have to offer. Then, get in touch with us so we can help your business take full advantage of illumination.