Stretch Your Marketing Budget Using Signage

Sign Advertising Pays

High-quality signage for marketing purposes is a profitable investment for virtually every brick-and-mortar business. The two main marketing benefits of signage are making sure people who want to visit your business gets there, and making sure their experience getting there is a good one. High-quality design is important: If your sign is not easy to read or fails to display the right information, you won’t help incoming first-time visitors who are fighting traffic and struggling with their GPS.

Giving visitors a positive experience with your sign advertising creates a positive first impression of your brand. Think about your own experience: If you enter a place of business and the outdoor sign has letters missing from the company name, what do you think about the company inside? Outdated, poorly maintained signage conveys a brand that is careless with details, behind the times, and operating on a shoestring budget — not the characteristics that put people in a mood to do business, or refer a friend or colleague!

Depending on your location, well-crafted signage also makes a positive first impression on people just walking by or driving by. If your message is memorable and conveyed persuasively, when those people are looking for a company that has what they need, they may well seek your business.

Achieving these benefits with signs for marketing makes all the more sense when you consider the cost of signage per view — very low compared to most other forms of online and offline marketing — and with far lower recurring costs.

The Elements of Outstanding Sign Advertising Design

Designing highly effective signage involves a great many factors and considerable design expertise, which is why DIY signage design is risky business. The most important factors to consider include:


There’s an old advertising story about sign materials. Imagine yourself driving down a country road and seeing a roughly cut wood plank nailed to a tree with a hand-painted message, FRESH EGGS. You might be tempted to stop, right? But now imagine the same wood plank that reads, FLYING LESSONS. You wouldn’t stop. Materials must match the needs of your business: Cheap materials for companies selling high-value or complex items undermine the brand; extremely high-end materials for companies marketing to budget-conscious people similarly backfire.


What your signage needs to say depends on factors unique to your business. For example, if your business is located in a busy section of town with many other businesses surrounding it and lots of traffic in front of it, your street address should be prominent and very easy to read. If your company name does not convey anything about what your company does, a descriptive phrase — such as a company tagline — is an effective way to market your business to passers-by.


Font selection for advertising signage is critical; fonts should always be easy to read and large enough to be read by people at distances from which the signage will be viewed. Contrast between background and font is another crucial issue. Color selection for both elements varies depending on issues such as whether the sign must be viewed at night. Ideograms (e.g., your company logo) are often excellent, eye-catching design elements, but unless your company is a household name, don’t rely on your logo alone.

Done right, you’ll definitely stretch your marketing budget with signage. If you are interested in updating yours, or need signage for a new location, please contact us to discuss your signage design needs. We are eager to learn about your business and help!