Stand Apart from the Crowd: Benefits of Electronic Messaging Centers (EMCs)

Stand Apart from the Crowd: Benefits of Electronic Messaging Centers (EMCs)

Businesses have so many options today when it comes to getting their messages across. Practically all of them continue to use traditional signage to announce their presence and draw people’s attention. Yet technology has made it possible for them to utilize multimedia, as well. Electronic messaging centers (EMCs) combine the best of both worlds, enabling companies to create bright, colorful LED signs that use light and animation to connect with consumers.

Here are some of the best reasons why these are worth the investment for any business.

They’re Attention-Getters

With moving text, animations and brilliant LEDs, EMCs are sure to make people take notice. When surrounded by static signs, they have the potential to pop and really stick out from the competition.

They’re Versatile

Because EMCs can be customized to display virtually anything businesses want to advertise, there’s practically no limit to how they might be used. They can display:

  • Text such as contact information or business hours
  • High-res photos of products
  • Video clips

They’re Always On

We live in a 24-hour society, and that means a business can’t afford to give up any opportunity to reach new customers. Having a sign that tirelessly contributes to branding and messaging efforts can be invaluable. No matter the time of day or night, it will continue broadcasting whatever promotion or announcement its owners want to make.

They’re Up-to-the-Minute

The problem with traditional signs is that you have to plan what you want them to say. It also can be cost-prohibitive and time-consuming to print a banner or fabricate a sign for a special event, and once it’s over, your promotional materials are out-of-date. Whereas, EMCs allow businesses to change what they’re marketing instantly. This makes them great for promoting limited-time sales because they can go right back to their regular programming as soon as the promotion ends.

They’re Secure

A new age of EMC communication, Cell Modem Communication, has eliminated the fear of companies being hacked due to completely isolating the sign and its’ software from internal networks. It also allows our tech support team instant access to sign diagnostics without IT assistance.

They’re Easy to Use

With the advancement of EMC technology, digital message centers have become extremely user-friendly. Training of the software is vital. Graphic House, Inc. and our supporting vendors offer different varieties of training including in-person, virtual, and manual-based training sessions. Our training services are available to our customers as long as they have the digital display.

There are countless reasons why having an EMC can benefit a business. There also are many reasons why Graphic House, Inc. is the go-to source for these and other types of signage.

Take a look at what we can create and contact us today to get started on yours!