Spring Cleaning For Signs

Spring Cleaning For Signs

When the weather gets warmer, that’s the best time to do some spring cleaning around your business. You want to make sure that you put your best face forward for your customers, and spring cleaning gives you the opportunity to take care of all the cleaning and polishing that you weren’t able to do over the long, cold winter.

One detail you might not be thinking about cleaning, however, is your business signage. Yet that should be one of your top spring cleaning priorities. Not only does your signage play a critical role in projecting the best image for your brand and your business, but it also probably needs the most attention after the winter. Being outside means your signage picks up a lot of dirt and grit, so it’s important to give your outdoor signs a thorough cleaning as part of your company’s spring cleaning plans.

Natural elements such as the sun, acid rain, hail, heavy snow, road spray (salt and sand) and even the wildlife will have an effect on the life of your signage, and like anything else it will reflect age over time. It is important to protect your investment as much as possible to maintain the appearance and longevity of your outdoor signage.

While performing care and cleaning of your signage, always take into account electricity and placement. Never perform care or cleaning on your signage while it is energized and always be conscious of where you are working as signage is usually placed in high traffic zones for maximum visitiblity.

Here are some basic tips for cleaning the most common types of outdoor signage:


  • Wash your sign regularly using a sponge or soft cotton cloth and warm water mixed with a mild detergent.
  • Create a “safe zone” for your signage (typically some kind of landscaping or other natural barrier) to keep pedestrian and vehicular traffic from damaging your signage.
  • Most importantly, wash your sign in the spring to get rid of road spray. Road spray (from wintery snow) is full of sand, salt and other materials that will damage your sign if not cleaned off.


  • DO NOT pressure wash your sign. Pressure washing may force water or other elements into the signage components, possibly damaging them. Not to mention the electrical concerns and risks!
  • DO NOT Use heavy chemicals or abrasive materials. Heavy chemicals can cause damage to the finish, materials and even adhesives. Abrasive materials can leave scuff marks and/or a dulled finish as well.

Spring cleaning is an important part of ensuring that your business presents itself well after winter. Pay attention to your signage. It’s a key task on your spring cleaning checklist. Follow these tips — or call on a professional sign company — to make sure your signs are as clean and pristine as possible.