Preparing Your Signage For Poor Weather

It’s important for any business or organization to instill a sense of trustworthiness in their communities. Customers and patrons must have confidence that you will be there to serve their needs even when times get tough. Perception plays a big role in creating that feeling, and your signage can be a powerful symbol. That is why, when severe weather threatens, you should do whatever you can to ensure your signage survives unscathed.

The Effects of Weather Damage on Your Signs

Your sign has to stand outside in the face of all types of natural events. If it isn’t properly protected, it may experience:

  • Electrical shorts caused by rain
  • Holes and cracks from hail
  • Tearing and damage from intense wind
  • Corrosion from salt spray in coastal areas
  • Overheating caused by excessive sun exposure

On their own, any of these situations can leave signs broken or looking less than ideal. This can have a subtle but unshakable impression in your customers’ minds. As a result, customers may begin to lose confidence in your ability to fulfill their needs.

Taking Steps to Prevent Damage

When serious storms threaten your business, make sure your brand is protected.

Here are some tips for preventing damages in these situations:

  • Make the right choice. If you are in an area known for punishing conditions, make sure you choose the sign that’s right for it. Don’t just think about what it will look like on a sunny day or a clear night — consider how it will stand up to the worst Mother Nature can throw at it.
  • Clear low-hanging branches. Trees near your property can batter your signs during periods of strong wind, so keep them trimmed.
  • Keep electronics enclosed. LED signage should have a sealed enclosure around it to protect the sensitive technology inside.
  • Consider canopies. An awning or canopy over your sign can shield it from most rain and snow.
  • Be careful when using salt. Salting your parking lots and walkways during winter may harm your signs if you use too much too close to them.

Weathering the Storm Helps Your Brand

No company wants to appear untrustworthy. No matter what type of custom signage you use to appeal to the public, it’s crucial that it be able to survive the worst weather intact. Follow this advice, and your customers are sure to see your brand standing tall and proud — regardless of the elements.