New Year, New Sign

New Year, New Sign

As we jump into 2018, it is the perfect time for reflection on ways to improve your business. Since customers are your most important asset, consider how you can reach new customers this year. What about your signage? When is the last time you updated this calling board? If it has been a while and you are unsure of where to begin, we have you covered. Check out these tips for redesigning your business sign for the modern customer.

Reduced Visibility

The biggest reason why you need to update your signage relates to visibility. If you have been in the same physical location for several years, chances are your sign is just as old. An aging sign is easy to overlook by passers-by who have come to expect, rather than anticipate, your business’s message. The sign no longer offers the element of surprise, which counteracts your goal of attracting the attention of new customers.

Outdated Information and Appearance

Having a sign that is out of date or well-worn is another reason why you need a sign redesign this year. Signs that are lacking some of the key information for the 21st century, such as a website, are missing the mark. At the same time, signage that has faded due to sun exposure or has cracked lettering is simply a blight on the line of vision for potential customers.

It reflects poorly on your business as an indicator that your company lacks the energy or money needed to keep up with appearances. In other words, it leaves the impression your company does not care enough to communicate with customers, which is the last thing you want.

Aspects of Great Signage

Where do you begin with upgrading your signage? Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Choosing the best placement for viewing
  • A color scheme that will stand out amongst the crowd
  • Brands your business and location

In addition, consider upgrading to an LED sign that can easily be updated as new information or sales offerings are available.

Upgrade Your Business Sign Today

To learn more about how to redesign your business sign for a fresh start on customer acquisitions, contact the experts at Graphic House, Inc.

Our staff can help you determine the best way to brand your business and are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the industry. Whether you’re looking to make a decision now or are considering your options with your new year’s budget, we can help!