How Your Business Will Benefit From Custom Signage

How Your Business Will Benefit From Custom Signage

Some signs have become as iconic as the places they advertise. Take the gigantic hillside letters that welcome you to Hollywood, or the flashing starbursts that let you know you’re approaching the Las Vegas Strip.

The on-premise signage that represents your business can have that kind of impact, too. What’s more, in addition to conveying your brand message and making a positive first impression, well-designed signs — properly placed for visibility — can translate to dollar signs.

Sales, profits and the number of transactions all are likely to grow when a business upgrades its signage, research shows. In an extreme case, new signage can contribute to an increase in sales of more than 300 percent. The norm isn’t bad, either: Improved signage resulted in average increases of 10 percent in sales, number of transactions and profits for about 60 percent of the businesses analyzed in separate studies conducted by the University of Cincinnati and the University of San Diego.

The extreme case is intriguing. A bistro in Southern California that displayed a new sign began drawing more and more customers to the point it was able to expand. Its gross income grew 322 percent in four years, according to “What’s Your Signage?” a handbook developed by the New York State Small Business Development Center.

Graphic House, Inc. clients that have improved their signage have indicated their sales have increased 40 percent. Not all of this is attributable directly to the signage, of course, but if you want to discover how we can help, contact us to get started on creating a custom sign.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Custom Signage?

It’s hard to overlook the importance of good signage when assessing a brand’s success. A sign is an important part of a business’s identity, and the benefits of good signage can create a positive impression in customers’ minds. Although your business might not have the resources to build a three-story neon edifice or scrawl its name across the side of a mountain, having a custom-made sign that sets it apart from competitors is a good start.

With a custom sign advertising your business, you have a powerful tool to make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd. The benefits of custom signage go far beyond letting potential customers know where you are and what you do. A custom sign does more than identify your business because you have the freedom to create something that communicates to customers at a level beyond what a simple rectangular or circular sign can.

For example, if your business has a professionally designed logo, you can have a custom sign designed that takes the shape of that logo, communicating to customers that you’re a sleek, professional organization. Custom signs that include specific graphics or have a unifying theme can communicate a certain mood that may spur customers to stop in and take a look at what you have to offer. To put it another way, what’s more effective for a kids’ birthday party venue: A sign that just says “FUN” against a white background, or a multicolored sign shaped like a bounce house?

A few more results from those studies: 34 percent of consumers associate the quality of a sign with the quality of the store or product; and 29 percent rely on information conveyed by signs to make decisions about a store. Visibility counts, too: Nearly half of American consumers at one point or another have simply driven off after not being able to find a business because the signage was not sufficient enough for them to locate it.

How to Get Started With Custom Signage

Although you already might have a great idea for a custom sign that sums up your business perfectly and sticks in people’s minds, designing a custom sign takes a lot of work and interaction with professionals who know the process inside and out.

Professional sign makers such as Graphic House, Inc. can work with you to determine what the best design would be for your new sign based on your brand, location, customers and many other factors. Whether you have the perfect idea for your custom sign already in mind or you need help creating one from the ground up (literally!), working with an experienced custom sign designer such as Graphic House, Inc. is the best place to start.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with memorable and effective custom signage, Graphic House, Inc. is here to help you with every step along the way.