How To Figure Out What Signage Works Best For You

How To Figure Out What Signage Works Best For You

Imagine for a moment that McDonald’s and Microsoft traded signs. The “golden arches” now tower outside the software giant’s campus in Redmond, Washington. Every McDonald’s restaurant in the world, meanwhile, now is announced by a low, free-standing sign bearing red, blue, yellow and green squares that form one bigger square.

From a very superficial standpoint, the giant “M” of the McDonald’s sign could very well stand for “Microsoft.” And whether it consisted of colorful squares or something different, as long as a sign said “McDonald’s,” people would know it was a restaurant location. But that scenario wouldn’t work out very well for either company because they have very different needs for their signage. A low-to-the-ground Microsoft sign, with its basic shape and colors, would not be eye-catching from more than a few yards away. Countless McDonald’s customers likely would drive right past. The ostentatious, bright colors of the McDonald’s sign, meanwhile, would create the wrong impression for a software company trying to instill confidence in its products.

The lesson here: Having the right business signage matters a great deal.

Asking The Right Questions

Choosing the right type of signage for your business can be the difference between success and failure. Here are a few basic questions you need to ask before choosing a sign:

  • What do I want this sign to accomplish? Does your sign simply need to tell customers where your location is, or are you trying to attract new customers? A law firm might only need a simple painted sign on its front door, but a restaurant or retail location will want something that can be seen from the street.
  • What type of sign is appropriate for the area? A restaurant on a busy street probably needs a tall sign to stand out among all the others, whereas one located in a quieter area may not. Signs also should fit into the general architectural look of the neighborhood.
  • Does the sign fit my business’s look and branding? An outdoor sign often gives potential customers their first impressions of a business. Cartoonish graphics and bright colors might be a good fit for a family restaurant or daycare center, for example, but they would create the wrong impression for a funeral parlor or accountant’s office.
  • What kind of information do I want my sign to convey? In the case of McDonald’s, its arches are so established and familiar that its signs need not communicate further detail. Other businesses might need to convey more information with their signs, however. Some businesses use their outdoor signs to announce their locations and provide customers with additional information about what type of business it is.

Choosing The Right Options

Businesses have many different sign options to help them get their message out to potential customers, including:

  • Exterior. Outdoor signage tells customers who you are and what your business does. Whether the sign is hung over the business’s front door or stands high over its parking lot, outdoor signage typically is the first thing customers see.
  • Interior. Indoor signage can help create a strong brand identity for businesses while also communicating important information. Examples include a company’s name on the wall of a lobby or a small sign next to a door indicating a department or office.
  • Outdoor media. LED boards, video screens and other types of outdoor media can be useful for communicating upcoming events, special offers or any other information that may be time-sensitive.

There are a lot of options out there for business signage, and it’s essential that businesses choose the signage that works best for their needs. Graphic House, Inc. has years of experience in the signage industry. Our expertise can help you determine the best signage for your business, so contact us today to learn more about how we can help.