Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs

To put it simply, wayfinding signs are directional signs, i.e., they are created to provide logical, easy-to-follow directions to a specific destination. Wayfinding signage is more information-driven than other types of signage.

Wayfinding signs are found both inside and outside buildings, and their purpose is to help customers and visitors navigate through physical spaces such as buildings, malls, hospitals, museums, large parks and cities. Exterior wayfinding systems are designed to help guide both pedestrians and motorists around roads and streets. Inside buildings, wayfinding is necessary to guide visitors through large buildings and complexes, and to help them locate various amenities like restrooms and elevators.

Easy-to-follow signage and legible directions are the keys to successful wayfinding. Information may be provided in the form of maps, words, arrows, colors and symbols.

Custom Wayfinding Signage

Graphic House, Inc. helps you organize and design your wayfinding signage so visitors can make the right decisions and get to their destinations easily — and without having to stop and ask for assistance. We also help our clients update their directional signs over the years as their facilities grow and evolve.